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What We Do

We are dedicated to "accelerating the experience" of individuals and teams, rapidly ramping their ability to step up, manage work, make the right decisions, and get their projects done. We help you by helping them get business critical projects done successfully –and grow their management capabilities as they get it done, without taking them away from the work.

ProjectConnections.com Subscriptions

Through our ProjectConnections.com subscriptions and corporate licenses, we provide practical just-in-time doses of project know-how for managers and team members -- convenient, highly relevant, engaging, and real-world – including the how-to nuances that typically come from hard-won experience.

The ProjectConnections.com know-how base, accessible by everyone every day, includes:

  • Practical how-to guidelines for typical project tasks
  • Downloadable templates and checklists to use on the job
  • Answers to "burning questions" for handling typical situations and problems
  • Blogs, Articles, and Cast Studies written by practicing managers

All these resources can be available to individuals, a group of individuals in an organization, or the entire organization via a group subscription or license.

Virtual Coaching and Training Programs

We provide on-demand real-world support for people managing projects and teams. It gets your people straight to targeted help for project kickoff, planning, management, and yes, recovery, right when they need it to solve problems and get things done. The help is multi-faceted, combining elements of content, coaching, and training to cost-effectively provide everyone in your organization with help when they need it:

  • Personal question-answering and advice, just-in-time via email or phone from an experienced manager, to get pointers for a tricky situation, help applying management techniques to specific problems, or fast coaching on how to do something new.
  • Recorded mini-courses delivering fast fundamentals, tips, templates, and tools for project activities and related skills.
  • Live webinars and clinics on dealing with typical project challenges, starting and executing each project stage strongly, and getting up to speed in new project roles.

Fast-Traction Advice and On-Site "Jump-Start" Assistance

We know that part of making changes and improvements in an organization is deciding where to focus and what to take on. If desired, we can help you figure that out and get going strongly.

Assessment Package: We assess your current product development / project management efforts and related processes, then provide you with specific, prioritized suggestions for improving how projects get done.

Project or Process Jump Start: A "fast traction" one- or two-week program to identify major issues, get significant positive momentum in a new direction, and get some initial results right away. Combines a quick assessment with a targeted workshop aimed at one or more immediate projects.

Partner Assessment: Are you considering a development or manufacturing partner for a project? This advice helps you avoid the typical pitfalls of such relationships by properly assessing selecting, and managing your outside partners.

Methodology Assessment and Creation: We have extensive experience with project management, product development, and software development life cycles and methodologies. We also understand what it takes to get a disparate set of functional team members to understand and commit to using the life cycle on a variety of project types. We can review your methodologies and recommend enhancements, create custom life-cycles and templates for your specific types of projects, and develop highly-effective training programs to ensure your team members understand how their work fits.

Project Manager "Community of Practice" Learning Programs: We identify key areas for practical knowledge exchange among your project managers, and help you set up coaching programs and knowledge exchange activities across the PM community to provide on-demand support for their day-to-day questions and project challenges.

Traditional Training On-Site: Traditional instructor-led courses and workshops are available as components of our programs, if recommended for intensive group training in specific areas. Subject areas include

  • project management activities such as project planning, tracking, and risk management;
  • soft skills such as teambuilding techniques, business-savvy project leadership, and various aspects of project communication;
  • domain-related subjects such defining requirements and holding effective design reviews
  • methodology-related training such as Agile software development and project management and ITIL