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Cinda Voegtli Presentations and Papers

It's so NOT About Authority: Critical Influence Skills that Get PMs a Powerful Seat at the Table
ProjectConnections Web Seminar, 2010

New Coaching Paradigms for Sustainable Learning
ASTD Silicon Valley Chapter, 2009

Great Project Managers: Delivering value and results, earning influence and respect
IEEE Technical Management Committee meeting, Silicon Valley Chapter, 2009

The Ins and Outs of Virtual Teams: What does it take to make it work?
BOLD lunch meeting (Biotech organization), 2009

Implementing Project Management Inside Organizations
UC Berkeley MBA class in Project Management, 2008

What big companies can learn about courageous management of priorities, people, and projects
PMI NorCal Symposium, 2008

Adopting and Adapting Project and Development Methodologies
PMI Silicon Valley Chapter, 2008

Growing Great PMs in Your Organization
IEEE ProCon 2008 - Half-day workshop, 2008

Becoming Business Savvy Project Managers
IEEE ProCon 2008 - Half-day workshop, 2008

Developing Repeatable Methodologies
ProjectSummit San Francisco, 2007

Executives, Software Managers, Project managers and Developers Working Together
SDForum Software Engineering Management SIG, 2007

Adopting and Adapting New Project Management Processes in Your Organization
Corporate speaking engagement, Financial services firm, PM learning group, 2007

Enterprise Project Management Applied: Transforming the National Airspace by 2025
ProjectSummit Washington DC, 2004

Enabling Your Aggressive Portfolio: Using Outside Partners Effectively
Management Roundtable Conference of Pipeline and Portfolio Management, 2003

"0 to 60" in Project Management: Fast, Practical PM for Teams that Just Need to Get it Done
ProjectWorld West 2002

Session Chair: Critical Management Issues and Key Techniques for Executing a Portfolio of Projects;
Speaker: Techniques for Predicting How Your Organization will Perform across a Portfolio of Projects
Drug Information Association Annual Meeting 2002

Rapidly Implementing High-Impact Project Management Techniques in Your Organization
IIR ProjectIMPACT conference 2002

Fast Insights - Critical Decisions - Achievable Plans: Jump-start Your Firms' Portfolio Planning for Immediate Results
IIR Portfolio Management Conference 2001

Tales from the Entrepreneurial Front Lines: Delivered to Professional and Technical Consultant's Association
Silicon Valley Chapter 2001; delivered to IEEE Engineering Management Society Silicon Valley chapter 2001

Paths to Practical Know-How: Crucial Learning Beyond Training
ProjectWorld East 2001

Leveraging the Web for Project Management Knowledge: Communities of Practice Online and in your Company
IIR Conference of Web-Enabled Project Management 2001, 2002

Engineering Management: New Participants, New Horizons, New Learning
Keynote Speaker, International Conference on the Management of Innovation and Technology, Singapore 2000

The Power of Communities of Practice for Project Management
PMI San Francisco Chapter , 2000

High Impact Techniques for Any Project
Dayton Ohio EMS chapter 1999; IEEE Professional Development Conference, 2000; IEEE Pikes Peak (Colorado) EMS chapter 2000

A Wealth of Possibilities: Strategies for Transitioning to Your Next Great Opportunity
IEEE IRPS Conference 1999

Managing Virtual Teams
San Francisco Chamber of Commerce Technical Interest Group 1999

Realizing the Promise of Development Partnerships: What it Really Takes to Make Virtual Teams Work
Wescon 1999

Career Management as Personal Marketing and Business Development IEEE Consultant's Network chapters, 1999, and IEEE Professional Development Conference, 1999

Special Engineering and Project Management Workshop
for IEEE Region 8 (Europe, Africa, and Middle East), Larnaca, Cyprus, 1999

Project Management Workshop
delivered to IEEE Northeast Region 1999; IEEE Hamilton, Canada Section 1999

Lessons in Career Management from Silicon Valley: Key Factors for Continuous "Employment"
IEEE Professional Development Conference 1998

Successfully Managing Virtual Teams
International Engineering Management Conference, 1998

Getting Relevant to Get Results: Making Project Management Work for Technical Teams
ProjectWorld Atlanta 1998

Overcoming Obstacles to Rapid Product Development
ProjectWorld East 1998

Project Management Workshop
to IEEE ProCon Conference, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 1998

Powerful Project Visions for Developing Products in Half the Time
ProjectWorld West 1997

Quality Rapid Product Development Workshop
ProjectWorld East 1997, ProjectWorld West 1997

Rescuing and Revitalizing the Problem Project
ProjectWorld West 1996

Critical Roles of Cross-functional Teams on Software Development Projects
ProjectWorld 1994

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