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Our Background

Our background is "projects on the ground" - in a variety of industries and corporate environments. Our staff and contributors have run functional organizations, start-up companies, project management support groups and PMOs, and many projects of their own. We've worked in a variety of industries and on a range of project types, including:

Example Industries

  • Medical devices
  • Data and telecommunications systems
  • Wireless network devices and systems
  • Food and beverage packaging
  • Game development
  • Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
  • Biotech and pharmaceutical
  • Energy (oil, gas, petrochemical, power)
  • Financial services
  • Government/Aerospace

Example project types

  • Software system and product development
  • Hardware and ASIC development
  • Complex technology systems development
  • IT application and infrastructure development
  • Capital construction
  • Marketing programs and campaigns
  • Drug development
  • Process development
  • Consulting and other service development
  • Website technical infrastructure, content, and service development

We know about critical business goals and how to get things done in imperfect, demanding, and unique environments. We understand how to work with technical developers, scientists, and busy cross-functional team members. We're dedicated to helping companies make project management work in every environment, in a way that's right for that specific environment and the individuals getting the work done. We apply our broad business and management backgrounds to build resources that make sense for your people.

We don't just serve titled project managers. We aim to support the corporation's entire internal "mass market" for management development to help achieve successful projects. We support all the people who need to manage things, people, projects, and/or their own work, including all those "just let me do my work" individual contributors who are being asked to step up and contribute at higher levels. This is a far larger group than the cadre of people with formal management titles, and all of them need to be effective on projects. Standard management training offerings may be too much or the wrong focus for what many of your people need daily. Our resources provide options that match the breadth and depth (or subset!) of management skills and support each person needs.

See What We Do for how we support your teams and help grow the abilities of the people doing and managing the work.

About Cinda Voegtli

Cinda Voegtli, BSEE, is Founder and CEO of the company, an electrical engineer and computer scientist, and a 20+ year veteran of projects of many shapes and sizes. Before starting Emprend and our ProjectConnections.com service, she designed hardware and software, managed engineering groups in large companies and start-ups, and managed systems projects and large software releases. She has consulted to a variety of companies on practical approaches to project management and technical development processes, and coached up-and-coming project managers and executives.

Cinda has held Vice-president and Director-level management positions at technology companies in Dallas, Los Angeles, and Silicon Valley and has experienced first-hand the radically different project environments and issues that can exist in start-up, high-growth, and large corporate environments. She has led workshops and delivered conference presentations in the U.S. and abroad. Cinda also served as President of the worldwide IEEE Engineering Management Society for 2 years.

About Our Staff and Associates

We are a group of true practitioners, with years of real-world project challenges under our belts as project managers and/or line managers and executives. We share a no-nonsense approach to practical, environment-appropriate project management to help meet each organization’s unique business goals.

All of our people have extensive hands-on project experience, with specialties in various industries and project types such as biotech drug development and regulatory approval; medical device development and approval; software product and system development; web development; IT applications, systems, and infrastructure; facility construction; and marketing programs.

Wer're also all experienced with coaching project managers and teams – and dedicated to doing it in a way that earns trust, delivers great project support, enables fast development of new skills, and ramps people’s confidence and capabilities quickly.