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WHAT we do:

We deliver real-world project know-how
and practical process resources for organizations

to get managers and teams up-to-speed, confident, and highly competent FAST,
in new roles, new projects, new situations
and to support them just-in-time as they get the work of the organization done.


Fast ramp in capabilities = better results on all your projects

Business gets done through projects large and small. Efforts that bring people together to create a new product, do something in a department, run a campaign, improve a process, handle a customer request...

Our projects and people face many challenges: Severe resource constraints... aggressive delivery dates ... dependence upon newly-minted project managers... increasing involvement of outside partners... and high levels of risk and complexity.

Each person's work is critical. But time pressure is everywhere, and their time for learning is in short supply.

The best way to improve results is to keep learning and process improvement fast, practical, and close to the work.


We provide online know-how resources, just-in-time coaching and training for managers, and corporate advisory services to help ramp the management skills and project execution capabilities of each person and your overall organization --- with minimum overhead, a reasonable investment, and maximum relevance and practicality.

We do this through:

  • ProjectConnections.com Online Knowledge Base: Subscriptions and corporate licenses to online project resources to support managers and teams on the ground every day. For example, resources can be used to increase know-how on a specific topic, support a manager and team as they plan a project, and supplement existing training and professional development programs.
  • Virtual coaching and training, accessible every day from the desktop, including access to how-to resources; on-demand answers, coaching, and advice via email or phone from experienced project managers; and quick-hit online mini-courses and scheduled webinars and clinics, to deliver fast how-to learning for a current project problem or activity.
  • Advice and on-site assistance for executives looking for fast, affordable, and practical improvements for getting projects done - who are wondering how to start and what will provide the most leverage.
  • Traditional training courses on-site: Traditional instructor-led courses and workshops are available as components of our programs, if recommended for intensive group training in specific areas of managing projects and people.

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